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1. Bona mop and / floor cleaner “It’s the best for expensive wood flooring,” says Dimopoulos. The formula is gentle enough for older homes with original flooring and it won’t damage the finish.

Buy: Bona 4 Piece Hardwood Floor Care System, $30

2. Traditional wring mop For non-wood floors, an old-fashioned mop is best. “In large spaces with tiles or concrete, nothing does a job better than a real traditional wring mop with great detergent, hot water, and maybe vinegar,” says Dimopoulos.

Our favorite: O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System, $34

3. Microfiber cloths All of our cleaners swear by microfiber cloths. “I use these on every surface,” says Dimopoulos. Melissa Maker, a Toronto-based cleaning expert and founder of Clean My Space, agrees: “They last forever, dry quickly and don’t harbor bacteria.”

Some Microfiber Cloths We Love SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, $20 for 50 Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, $16 for 24

4. Mrs. Meyers multi-surface cleaners “Mrs. Meyers provides a great result and is good for the environment, too,” says Dimopoulos. Hermina Gil, owner of It’s All About Homes in Raleigh, NC (and the woman who keeps my house spick-and-span), has a similar sentiment: “If I only used one cleaning product, it would be Mrs. Meyers.”

5. Non-cellulose sponges “These are great for any wipe-downs or any general cleaning where you don’t need to use anything heavy-duty,” says Maker. As a bonus, they don’t harbor bacteria, odors, or stains like cellulose sponges do.

6. Paper towels As much as professional cleaners like to be eco-friendly, nothing beats paper towels for getting a shine on mirrors and glass, say Dimopoulos. Gil agrees: “Countertops sparkle when you dry off the liquid fully, so paper towels are a must.”

7. Coconut oil spray “I use this as a natural furniture and leather polish,” says Dimopoulos. And it’s eco-friendly, too. Use it on your kitchen table, chairs, buffet, and other pieces.

8. Vinegar and water In their own homes, Maker and Dimopoulos both like this natural DIY solution for regular cleaning. “Just don’t expect it to be as effective as a commercial cleanser for deep cleaning,” says Dimopoulos.

One last note from the pros: Be sure to stock up! Often, professional house cleaners are surprised by how little cleaning product is left in the bottle for them to work with. If you’re cleaning yourself, you’re also going to need enough supplies.

Tips of cleaning carpets

How long is it going to take my carpet to dry once professionally cleaned?

Although drying is kept to a minimum, it is going to take at least a couple of hours for your carpet to dry. A professional carpet cleaning company controls the humidity as well as the airflow.

Do all carpet cleaning companies use harmful chemicals to clean carpets?

No. A professional carpet cleaning company uses non-toxic products to clean all types of carpets and stains. A neutral flushing agent will leave your carpets residue free.

Is it possible to remove all types of stains?

Yes. It is possible for all stains to be removed. Some discoloration may occur during the process, but there are professional treatments to restore it.

What's the difference between a spot and a stain?

A stain is considered to be a permanent mark on the carpet. After trying countless methods of trying to root the stain, only a professional cleaning outfit can remove the hard to clean stain. A spot, on the other hand, is a substance that's soluble. A spot cleaner can be used to rectify that spot.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Your carpets should be cleaned annually to minimize the cleanliness of them. For homes with children and pets, the process should be done every three months.

How long does the whole carpet cleaning process take?

This all depends on the size of the rooms as well as the number of rooms being cleaned. On average, it takes approximately 300-400 sq. Ft. feet per hour or the equivalent of 30 minutes per room.

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

All carpet cleaning jobs are different. Every room is not the same size. You might as well just ask what the entire house would cost. Some cleaning companies charge by the room while others charge by the home.

Do carpets get dirtier faster once cleaned?

No. This is strictly a myth. Once a carpet is cleaned, it takes a while for it to get dirty again due to the chemical residue that's left behind on it.

Is there a good time of year to clean my carpets?

There is and that time of year is spring. Spring cleaning helps keep the air quality in your home good while getting all the bacteria out of your carpets left over from winter.

What are the warning signs that a carpet needs cleaned?

Of course heavy stains are major indicator that your carpeting needs cleaned, but if you find the air quality in your home to be poor, you’re going to need a cleaning. Yes. It’s better to have your carpets cleaned annually, but sooner than later if you notice the two issues.

What about pet problems and odors?

Your carpeting can get destroyed very easily by pets. Both dog & cat urine, as well as feces, can make your once clean carpeting dirty and useless. A professional cleaning company can remove the fecal matter as well as grounded in urine smells & stains.

Are there dust mites, germs, and other types of pollen in my carpeting?

Carpeting absorbs everything from crumbs to dust. Anything outside that can be brought in usually makes its way on the carpeting as well. This stuff combines to make one big mess festering in your carpeting.

Can I rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it by myself?

Yes. You can totally rent a machine and do all of your won leaning, but you’re not going to be able to get into the depth of the carpet like a professional can. Also getting out stains is not going to be as easy as you may think it is.

If I walk on the carpeting before it is dry, will it create bigger problems?

The only thing that’s going to happen is your feet are going to get wet. Lots of cleaning companies will give you booties to walk around with.

How do I find the right cleaning company to do my carpets?

You can ask around. By doing so, you’re getting the opinions of others who have had their carpeting cleaned before professionally. You can also research contractors directly from the Internet. The Internet is full of sites in regards to carpet cleaning contractors.

Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Cleaned

CARPET CLEANING TIPS TO KEEP YOUR CARPET LOOKING FRESH Carpet is one of the most popular styles of flooring to have installed in your home. The look and feel of carpet can dramatically improve the appearance of any room in your house, but it is crucial to know how to properly maintain your carpeting.

If carpet is not cleaned regularly, its appearance and lifespan will be on the decline. There are several different common carpet problems that lead to a homeowner requiring professional carpet cleaning services. Here are some things you can keep an eye out for when you are trying to maintain the look of your carpet.

Carpet Indentation – Several different types of carpet material can easily be morphed by the heavy pieces of furniture and large objects that you place on top of it. These indentations will make your carpet look worn and dirty High Traffic Areas – These are the paths and areas that your family walks on more frequently than the rest of your carpet. You might notice a high traffic area from the door to your room to a couch or another door. Soiling – The material that your carpet is made out of can often trap dirt and soil deep within the fibers. So deep that a normal vacuum cleaner can have a difficult time removing these spots. Staining – Stains such as ink stains, wine stains, juice stains, coffee stains and more are just about impossible to remove on your own. Although, you should attempt to wipe them away immediately, you need the assistance of an experienced carpet cleaner. Odor – Carpet is also known for locking in any type of odor or foul smell. 4 Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Cleaned Having carpet installed in your home is a smart move. This type of flooring is inexpensive, and it is easily customized to match the interior decor of any home. When you first install carpet in your home, it looks great. However, the trick is properly maintaining your carpet to keep it looking this fresh. There are four main things you can do to keep your carpet clean and attractive looking.

Vacuum Daily Vacuuming is not a difficult task, and it is something you can do on a daily basis to ensure that your carpet is clean. Even if your carpet looks clean on the surface, you should still run your vacuum over it once a day. Dirt, soil and other particles can sink deep within your carpet’s fibers. You might not see them, but they will affect the look and the coloring of your carpet.

Clean Spots and Spills Immediately Most of the time, accidents are unavoidable. No matter how good of care you provide for you carpet, sooner or later, something is going to be spilled or dropped on it. When this happens, you should take action immediately.

When spilt items and stains are allowed to soak into the fibers of your carpet, they may never come out. Some of the most popular carpet stains include:

Wine Stains Ink Stains Juice Stains Coffee Stains Food Stains As a responsible carpet-owner, you should always have spot remover and professional cleaning supplies on hand. When you make these products available to yourself and your family, it can improve the look of your carpet.

Deodorize the Carpet Regularly Since carpet can hold a lot of dirt and dust particles deep within it, it is significant that your carpet be deodorize regularly. Although it does not have to be done daily like vacuuming, deodorize needs to be a part of the regular carpet maintenance.

The carpet in your home is made out of a specific fiber. However, all fibers trap in smells. This is true even if your carpet is vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Specialized deodorizing products are available, and they work to keep a carpet smelling clean.

Call a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Since your home is such a high traffic area, you are constantly having people walk on your carpet. These people bring with them dirty, dust and soil from outside. These items get lodged into your carpet fibers, and basic home cleaning methods will not remove them or clean your carpet.


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Questions you ask about carpet cleaning

When decorating your new property, there are few decisions as important as choosing the Best carpet cleaning service.

A new carpet can revamp an entire room in a house or office. Although often under appreciated, carpet is the most visible and hard working part of any household furnishing.

Carpet is also important to consider if you have young children who will spend time crawling or playing on the floor as it is warmer, softer, and easier on their knees than hardwood flooring.

Fitting a carpet can also save you money on heating bills as it will insulate your floor, and in general, buying a carpet and getting it installed is much less expensive than other flooring types such as hardwood or tiled floors.

Why do I need a professional? Fitting a carpet may seem like a straightforward job but a poorly laid carpet will look bad, be more susceptible to damage, snagging, wear and tear and worst of all it will decrease the life expectancy of it. That’s why it is important to hire professional carpet fitters who know what they are doing.

How do I find someone? The National Institute of Carpet and Floor Layers is an organisation that has approved members on their website with contact phone numbers and web addresses.

Some companies such as CarpetRite and John Lewis can also provide fitting if you buy carpets from them directly. John Lewis do not sell carpets on line so check the website for your nearest store.

What do I need to ask before I hire someone? When hiring a carpet fitter it is important to find out whether the price they have quoted you includes:

All subfloor preparation All installation costs Removal of existing flooring Moving of existing furniture and appliances (if needed) All necessary materials for installation Insurance for installation errors. You should also find out if the installers are independent or contracted to the store where you bought your carpet. Be sure to get all quotes in writing, including the amount needed, and a rough diagram of how they will install the floor and where all seams will fall.

It is also worth deciding with a fitter before hire who is responsible for removing toilets, portable dishwashers and any other room fixtures. And always get all product information in writing, including the manufacturer’s name, product name, style, colour, and how the product will be installed.

How do I choose a style of carpet that is right for my property? Choosing a type of carpet is an important decision as errors can be costly and time consuming to correct. Before making any decisions, visit several shops in your area and take home samples which you can place in the room to see how they match existing furnishings such as curtains, sofas and beds.

Make a note about how much natural sunlight enters the room as this will fade bright colours, and whether you have any sliding patio doors to a garden, which will bring mud or outdoor materials onto the carpet.

Also check what is under the existing flooring as this may affect the type of carpet that can be laid on your floor. Another top tip is to remember to look at the flooring in the rooms adjacent to the room you are about to carpet. The floors in these rooms may clash with your new carpet and disrupt the continuity of the house.

It’s also important to consider factors such as the amount of human traffic the room gets per day. If the carpet is for somewhere like a hall or stairs then it is worth getting a hard wearing pile. More luxurious and soft wearing carpets are suitable for bedrooms or other less busy rooms.

Also take into account when choosing your colour that light colours will show up stains much more than dark or textured carpet. This is especially important if the room will be frequented by kids or pets.

What kinds of carpets are there? There are five basic types of carpets, and these types come in several colours, patterns and textures, so there is a lot of choice. The basic choices, however, are as follows:

Twist Twist is a cut pile carpet made of twisted fibres. It doesn’t fluff or show footmarks and it’s hard wearing nature makes it ideal for hallways, stairs or main rooms.

Velvet Velvet is a softer and smoother version of the traditional cut pile carpet. This type of carpet looks good in more formal rooms, but it can show areas of light and dark shading easily.

Loop & cord Loop & cord carpets comprise uncut loops of fibres for a highly textured finish. They have a rugged appearance and can look especially good in hallways or on stairs

Pattern & graphic Pattern & graphic carpets are hard wearing, traditionally woven, carpets that keep their appearance for many years.

Berber Berber carpets are made with a random blend of coloured yarns to give a textured look. The fitted carpet can sometimes have a slightly striped appearance, which isn’t always evident in a display sample.

Most carpet shops will also grade these types of carpets according to their durability. For example UK retailer John Lewis has five grades of carpeting, which will help you decide what’s best for you.

Grade 1 is for very heavy use, ideal for offices or contract work Grade 2 is for heavy use, good for living room, halls, stairs or landings Grade 3 is for lighter use, in bedrooms or rooms not in constant use Grade 4 is for light use, such as in bedrooms or bathrooms Grade 5 is for very light use, for a luxurious feel in a bedroom What do I need to do before the carpet arrives? Installation need not cause a headache. A hassle free installation is virtually guaranteed if you take a few minutes to survey the room properly before the carpet arrives.

Questions you should ask yourself are: Are there any access problems for the fitter? Are there awkward angles or uneven surfaces that I should advise? Does any heavy furniture needs to be professionally moved? Is there a grand piano or long case clock? Do the bottoms of the doors need to be shaved to accommodate the new thickness of the carpet?

How is carpet fitting done? Before a job gets under way, the fitter will draw up a plan that makes the most efficient use of materials. Each job depends on the size and shape of each room and the type of floor covering required, but most jobs will involve:

Clearing the work area of furniture and sometimes removing doors. Removing old carpet or flooring. Preparing the surface by cleaning, levelling and sealing with compound if required. Cutting and fitting underlay where required. Fixing flooring materials by one of several methods such as stretching over spiked grippers, stitching, taping, heat-sealing or gluing. Once fitted, the floor covering may be sprayed with a protective coating, then furniture is put back into place and doors re-hung. Fitters may complete several jobs a day and usually work in a team of two or three people. Before the fitter leaves your property, however, be sure to ask for any pieces of spare carpet. These can be stored in an attic and will come in handy if you need any repairs or to cover stains in the future.

What if I need my existing carpet cleaned? If you have moved into a new property and don’t want to buy a new carpet but the existing one is rather dingy, one economical option is to get the carpet professionally cleaned. It will look better, feel better, and add years to the life of the carpet.

Equally if you are selling your property it can add hundreds of pounds to your home’s value by creating a brighter, cleaner and more attractive appearance to each carpeted room, and will also rid the room of any smells or unsightly stains trapped in the carpet.

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can be good for your families health as it will ease allergies and remove bugs. Another benefit is that a regularly cleaned carpet will ward off any growth of mold and mildew in older carpets which will save you a packet in the future.

Why do I need a professional? Carpet experts liken using DIY carpet cleaning products to leaving the shampoo in your hair after washing. The risk is that people who try to do it themselves do not rinse all of the soap out and this eventually damages the fibres of the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning use powerful hot water extraction that goes beyond the carpet, cleaning the backing and padding for a more comprehensive clean-up.

How do I find someone? The National Carpet Cleaners Association is the only independent UK trade body dedicated to cleaning carpet and upholstery. They have a directory of approved members on their website.

Remember though many carpet cleaning companies charge by the square foot and prices will vary from one company to another so shop around to get the best price for you.

How is it done? The majority of professional carpet cleaners use a self contained truck mounted system. This system contains two large water tanks, one containing clean water and the other containing recovered water.

Powerful air pressure forces the water through the pipes to the hand held wand which creates steam at a temperature in excess of 190 degrees.

The steam is then infused into the carpet via the carpet cleaning wand the cleaning process is aided by the introduction of carpet cleaning chemicals either manually or automatically via the truck mounted system.

Any excess water is returned to the recovery tank courtesy of the powerful vacuum suction the system generates. The more flushing action that occurs, the cleaner the carpet will become.

What if my carpet is damaged? The most common problem with carpets is staining. The best advice is immediately following a spill, remove any semi-solid material with a rounded spoon. Place a clean, white absorbent material such as paper towels or a kitchen towel over the spot and press to draw the liquid away from the carpet fibers. The idea is to blot, not to scrub.

As soon as towels are wet, replace with dry ones and continue. Then place dry ones on the spot and weigh them down with a heavy object. Again, replace them when they grow wet. If the stain persists, it may be necessary to call a professional carpet cleaner (see above).

Other carpet damage Some carpet damage can be dealt with without calling for the professionals but bigger jobs will need a practiced hand to ensure the safety of your carpet. Companies such as London Carpet Repairs specialise in carpet repairs but most ordinary carpet installers are relatively affordable to hire for just small jobs.

What can I do myself? Carpet dents Heavy furniture can leave indentations in carpet. In this case prevention is better than cure. Try to put furniture glides or cups under the furniture legs, or occasionally move your furniture a couple of inches to give your carpet a break. When areas have become crushed, use a coin to work the carpet pile back upright, then hold a steam iron not more than 4 inches above the spot – don’t actually touch the carpet – until the iron warms the fibres.

Carpet fading Once carpet has faded, there is no way to revive the colour. So protect it from damage by the sun’s ultraviolet light with the help of shades or other window coverings. Or utilize window glazing or films that reduce ultraviolet rays.

Sprouting tufts If a tuft rises above the rest of the carpet pile, do not pull it out – just snip it off flush with the surface.

When do I need a professional? Carpet snags A snag occurs when a loop is pulled out of a loop&cord carpet. It is a relatively easy job for a professional but can cause nightmares for an amateur to restitch it in.

Split seams and tears For tears or problems with seams in wall-to-wall carpeting, it’s a must to contact a professional carpet installer. To do the work properly, you must release the tension of the carpet, a job that requires a few special carpet installation tools and a experience in working with carpeting.

Carpet rippling If your wall-to-wall carpet suddenly appears to be rippled, it’s probably because of high humidity. Normally, this problem disappears on its own when the weather becomes drier. If it doesn’t, have a carpet installer re-stretch your carpet.

Best home cleaning services

Home cleaning is demanding especially if you have a large house with many rooms and sections. Although it might seem to be a task that requires common sense to accomplish, there is need to plan for efficient and effective cleaning of your home. Depending on the nature of your home, you might need to engage specialists to perform some cleaning tasks that are technical or those which demand high level of expertise. Different home cleaning companies in Singapore are specialized in offering varied home cleaning services to home-owners. It is therefore important to assess the situation of your home and know when to hire such companies for the cleaning services you might require. In doing so, there is need to have a thorough mastery of what home cleaning services entail so that as a home owner, you not only have the best home cleaning services accorded to you but also have them in the best way possible. Read on to discover how you can achieve the best home cleaning services.


Planning is a crucial stage in ensuring success not only in home cleaning but also in all other areas of life, if you have to achieve success. Take your time and plan for your home cleaning. One of the most important tasks to accomplish at this stage is to note down all the areas of your home that need to be attended to by specialists and those which you can personally clean.

At this stage, you can also budget for the amount of money you will have to spend on every section of your house that requires hired services. Take into consideration the schedule or interval of cleaning different home areas such as the floor, kitchen, bathroom, among other home areas. Prioritize the most crucial sections such as the kitchen and bathroom and plan whether you will need specialized services or you will be cleaning them yourself. Whichever your decision, come up with a regular schedule on the best and most ideal intervals. Even the areas that will require less frequent cleaning should be given clear intervals of cleaning. This way you are likely to have your home cleaned in the best way that meets all your individual needs.

Quality of Services

With so many companies coming up and each advertising its services in an alluring manner, it is easy to fall for the unsatisfactory services just because you are in urgent need for the services. It is important to take your time and review a number of companies before selecting your best. Ensure that the company you select to hire satisfies the following ideals:

Has a long serving experience- Experienced home cleaning companies are likely to offer high quality services than a company with short-term serving experience.

Is made up of experts- Experts have a broader mastery of the clients’ expectations are likely to accomplish all your home cleaning needs in a better way. Their services are usually recommendable. They have multiple approaches of cleaning different sections of your home. If you hire them, they are likely to go an extra mile and offer additional services such as advisory services on how to maintain your home clean at all times.

Has the right cleaning tools and equipment- This is a key point to pay attention to. Home cleaning can only be accomplished in the best way if the cleaner has the required tools. If you are in need of carpet cleaning, ensure that the company you call in has the latest models of carpet cleaners which can clean both effectively and efficiently.

Specialization The kind of services that a particular home cleaning company is specialized in matters a lot in determining their level of efficiency. It is worth to consider hiring a company that specializes in your area of need. Since your home comprises of different sections, finding a company with multiple areas of specialization can be the best option. However, you might need to carefully scrutinize such companies to find out their primary home cleaning services.

Availability of Cleaning Services- Home cleaning should be regular and timely, regardless of the cleaning intervals you have set for the cleaning of different sections of your home. This calls for home cleaning service providers that can always be available to you whenever you need their services. Determine your cleaning schedule and inform your best company. For instance, most of your home areas require regular, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. Regular cleaning is basic and you can plan to do it every day or after two days. However, weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly cleaning might require that your cleaner comes in at the respective intervals. Consider factors such as their transport system and the staff they have. A company with many experts is likely to send specialist(s) to your place whenever you are in need of cleaning services.

Charges- The issue of charges affects almost every area of service delivery. While you have to be keen to avoid being overcharged, you also need to bear in mind that cheap can at times be expensive. It is advisable to find out the prices of different companies that offer similar services and compare the rate at which each company charges for the specific type cleaning services. This enables you to choose the company whose charges you will be comfortable with. Similarly, depending on your needs, it might be wise to consider the quality of services per price charged rather than focusing on the charges alone.


In summary, finding the best home cleaning services is considerate of a number of factors as discussed above, among other personal factors. Home cleaning is an ongoing process that requires careful strategizing to ensure that it is done in the best way possible. The core purpose of home cleaning is to achieve proper standards of sanitation. This means that all the sections of your house should be regarded equally. Considering the above discussed tips of finding the best cleaning services for your home enables you to achieve your needs in a stress-free manner. Remember to identify some of the cleaning tasks you can perform yourself and come up with a schedule on how you will be performing them or how you can delegate them amongst family members to make the process easier and less costly. It is equally important to maintain home practices that will contribute to your general home sanitation. Some of these practices include ensuring that everything is in the right order and in its right position, managing your pet to avoid dirtying or messing up your home among other practices. Basically, if all these tips are considered together, it results in the complete achievement of all your needs related to your home cleanliness.


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