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BALTIMORE (AP) Just when it seemed as if Tim Beckham couldn't possibly do anything more marvelous for the Baltimore Orioles, the spunky shortstop provided the team with a milestone shot. The players on great teams find ways to lock in and execute in key moments. Also check our developers blog , where we publish new content weekly on game/data analysis, engineering and design insights, and more. You'll notice the better graphics in games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, but you won't see any of the HDR benefits.

If any defensive play on an inside-the-park home run is labeled an error by the official scorer, a home run is not scored; instead, it is scored as a single , double , or triple , and the batter-runner and any applicable preceding runners are said to have taken all additional bases on error.

But, in preparation for testing the PlayStation 4 Pro, I bit the bullet and purchased LG's 55-inch B6 OLED TV. So, for once, I was actually excited about 4K. We're also at the point where that format is finally beginning to make sense for mainstream consumers.

Marcus Johansson stuffed his second goal of the game past Frederik Andersen six and a half minutes into overtime as the Washington Capitals edged the Leafs 2-1 in Game 6 on Sunday night — winning the series 4-2 with five of the six games decided in extra time.

Seven other players had three homers and 10 RBIs in a game, with the Nationals' Anthony Rendon ( April 30 of this year against the Mets ) the most recent to do so and the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez (April 26, 2005 against the Angels) the only other one to do it in this millennium.

Ruth lost a number of home runs in his career due to the when-last-seen rule. Conviction means sticking with the run when you get held to a two- or three-yard gain here and there, because you know eventually those little gains will turn into bigger chunks as the defense wears down.

If you love fun and fast-paced games, the thrill and excitement of playing the Run 3 are fit for you. Moreover, playing run 4 game is like fun and too much enjoyment. It can take some time for linemen to find their rhythm, and for running backs to get a feel for the defense.

Wisely too, Sony isn't allowing developers to charge for PS4 Pro support. Run 4 is an online game scheduled to release very soon and it's very similar to previous versions of the game. The way Unreal is being used is rapidly expanding and we're helping people outside of game development use it for their pipelines.