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Ah, yes, the NHL's unwritten code; the honorable code that governs how NHL players are to acquit themselves in the muddled culture of violence that exists on the ice. I'd love to know more about this code. Is it kept in a sealed chest like the Ark of the Covenant Do you need to be holding a conch shell when quoting from it When the code is being referred to, does Stu Grimson show up in a powdered wig.

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After his Euro sojourn, he was plagued by rage. There weren meds then for rage. Some have suggested that his rage was caused by undiagnosed and/or unacknowledged HIV/AIDS, which at that time presented little hope of survival. That not really how I saw it, which doesn mean that your interpretation isn valid. I just don think Dr. Stanley is a merciful person motivated by mercy.

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