Improve Your Memory by Eating These Memory Super Foods

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Nobody wants to lose their memory. None of us want to ever develop a disease such as Alzheimer's. It can be pretty scary when we keep forgetting where we put things or why we're standing up. It's stressful when we blank on someone's name, particularly if we have known them for a while. Want to hear some good news? You shouldn't be too worried about these kinds of lapses in memory. The better news is that there are things that you can do to improve the strength of your memory. Eating super foods that are known to help with memory is one way. So if you want to give your memory power a boost, make sure you eat more of these super foods.

Sunflower seeds (and seeds in general) are excellent memory super foods. They are considered a super food because of their high concentration of vitamin E. Three ounces of dry roasted sunflower seeds will give you 90% of the vitamin E your body needs to take in every day. There's no denying that Vitamin E is crucial to our health. Eating sunflower seeds sure is easy enough. You can eat the seeds plain or you can add them in your food. Eat more foods that have tyrosine proteins. These proteins give memory a boost because they help increase the number of neurotransmitters. The brain makes these proteins, but it's wise to also eat foods that are rich in these proteins. These proteins are found in soy and dairy products. This is good news for vegans, vegetarians and people who eat meat alike. So if you're a vegetarian or vegan, eat more soy products. Try drinking more milk if you eat dairy. One thing you need to remember, though, is to consume foods that have low salt content.

Ensure that you drink lots of water daily. Actually, water is a super food, but this might be news to you. It's one of the substances that your body needs. It keeps your muscles and your brain hydrated properly. When your brain is dehydrated, you're likely to forget things. It's pretty easy to avoid brain dehydration -- drink adequate amounts of water every day. It's extremely easy to eat super foods that help with memory improvement. Many of the memory super foods, including the ones we covered in this article, are not hard to find and can be easily added to your regular diet. They're easy to prepare and you'll find a lot of recipes for them. So why would you not include them in your daily diet when you stand to gain from eating them?