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If you are one of Those Millions of people that suffer with schizophrenia, you have probably been taking anti-psychotic drugs for several years. The problem with that is the majority of these cause side effects which can be nearly as bad as the schizophrenic episodes and, over time, their efficacy wears down as well.

These are just two of the Reasons why a few schizophrenia endures are currently looking at alternative treatments for schizophrenia instead. Particularly because a number of them are quite successful.

Diet, exercise, caffeine and smoking -- There's substantial scientific research that Proves what you eat, if you drink beverages which are sour, if you smoke and should you not exercise very much may have some impact on the number of schizophrenic episodes you are afflicted with. That's the reason why many alternative healers recommend, before you begin to search for alternative treatments, analyse your lifestyle.

Decide which items may be A negative effect, and which can be causing your schizophrenia to worsen and start by removing them and then reintroducing them.

Lipoic acid, B6 and B12 supplementation -- There are some studies showing people that Suffer from schizophrenia often have deficiencies in folic acid and Vitamins B6 and B12. While supplementing these items is unlikely to heal you of schizophrenia, it might definitely help reduce the frequency and strength of your symptoms.

Fish oil -- Fish oil supplements are another choice treatment some people suffering from schizophrenia are attempting. Particularly as one study showed teens and young adults that Are a Lot More likely to develop schizophrenia did so at much less amounts if they required daily fish oil supplements.

CBD -- CBD is a chemical that seems to be having a positive effect on several Different health issues and disorders, and schizophrenia is one of these. Why Not try taking CBD capsules or CBD oil for a couple of months? It's being reveal to be Quite effective in reducing symptoms in medical studies. More on our site [ simply click the next web page.