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By day, Akasaka is a product manager on Google Drive, the cloud file-hosting service. But in his 20% time, the Boulder, Colorado resident is a product manager working on accessibility features for Google Maps. MILWAUKEE, Nov 22 (Reuters) - Republicans in Wisconsin tilted district maps in their favor in order to hamper Democrats and ultimately win state elections in 2012 and 2014, a federal court said on Monday in a case that could influence future rulings on gerrymandering.

The Wisconsin case hinged on a new way to measure the discriminatory effect of gerrymandering. The "efficiency gap" measure found the redistricting in Wisconsin caused Democrats to waste more votes than Republicans. This information will help making it easy for customers to follow in order and get to your store or office, as it contains clear directions. Aside from the usual product listing or the record of the services you offer, they will also get the address to your company, the hours your company operate, some company related photos and most importantly, your company's contact information.

The Google maps will not only provide them with detailed information about your company, but they will also give them a well-detailed map of the area where your company/business is located. In addition to that, when potential customers search for local information using Google Maps Optimization, they will immediately find your company. It sources the answers from its "Local Guides" - Google Maps users who answer questions about the places they visit on everything from cost to quietness.

Earlier this year, queries on accessibility were added to the questions asked to these users, and with millions of answers, Google now feels confident enough to start displaying the results on its listings. How does Google Maps know? It said that the standard name of your corporation, rather than 'merely' the keywords (or cities), should be included in the title. Quality Guidelines of Google was released in the LBC (or LocalBusinessCenter) recently. And your rank will get favorable results if the name of your business includes the city name along with the right keywords (relating to the business targeted).

Google hates repititive titles. So your website might get off the listing anyway. Doing so can help you easily look for the particular business you have in mind. There are more than a hundred of people who use Google Maps every day. Amongst the different geospatial viewing tools developed by major search engines, Google Maps Optimization has always been the best product. Constitution, court documents showed. The United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin decided 2-1 that Act 43, a redrawing of districts approved by the state's Republican-led legislature in 2012, violated the U.

With Google maps optimization, clients and customers can also view images from satellites regardless of whether they have map data of your business or company's location.